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Please be aware that I shall be closed for an annual holiday from Monday 26th June until Tuesday 4th July 2023.  If you require any plaques over this period, please place your orders allowing the correct timescales.


In line with Royal Mail price increases on 3rd April 2023, we have increased our postal charges by the same amount. 


For Example - Minimum order of A Triangles the postage charged was £2.60 + VAT, this has increased by 15 pence to £2.75 + VAT. 


●    COVID - As many of you are aware due to covid, I alone, now undertake all orders.  As you can appreciate a significant amount of my time is now spent in the workshop using machinery. So, with that in mind and although I like to chat, due to Health and Safety, it is not always possible for me to answer your telephone calls.  I would therefore like to kindly ask that all enquiries are made by email to and I will deal with them as soon as I am able. 

●    GDPR - Due to the introduction of the GDPR (Privacy Policy) and the dealing with data, many of us now have to look more closely at how we hold and store information.  Due to this I no longer hold Centre or Group Rally Programmes, I no longer store Rally Marshal delivery address details and I only hold information for as long as statutory required.

●    ORDERING - A reminder that all orders are to be received by post or email only.  It is recommended to reduce the risk of missing information that you use the order form from this website.  Please note that if queries are made to your order due to missing information I will either not process the order until it is received or needs to extend the delivery timescale.

●    DELIVERY TIMESCALES - I would like to thank all my customers for their continued support with ordering early if only minimum order is required or when the rally is full.  Also, for those who order as per my ordering information delivery timescales.  

●    LAST MINUTE ORDERS - For those customers who need to place last-minute orders, I have taken on board your comments and I will be looking at the introduction of a delivery surcharge for such orders.


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